Public speaking course

An 8 week course, held Tuesdays from 7pm to 9.30pm at Nest Coworking in Thornbury. Starts 24th of March 2015

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About the Course

Public-Speaking-Splash2An 8 week course for leaders, teachers, business people and presenters looking to transform their experience of public speaking.

You’ll learn the practical tools and techniques to engage and inspire audiences of any size with authentic voice and presence, and learn to love the experience.

The immersive workshops in a small, private group will draw on a blend of body-based approaches to voice. The facilitator is influenced by Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Body-Mind Centering, Yoga and theatre practice.

You’ll connect your voice to your breath and learn to harness any nervous energy. You’ll craft talks that inspire and include your audience. You’ll create a strong base from which to speak powerfully and creatively. And you’ll learn to enjoy every minute of it!

Connect your voice to your real intention. Rediscover the beauty of language and the power of words. Strengthen your creative impulses. Find resonance and dynamics in speech. Find presence in public speaking.

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About the Facilitator

Vanessa Chapple - Public speaking course at Nest coworkingVanessa Chapple is a theatre director, musician and educator who specialises in voice. For over 25 years Vanessa has worked with professional performers, individuals and groups to develop trust, comfort, and joy in public communication and presentation.

Vanessa has taught performance at VUT, The National Theatre St Kilda, Federation University, Woodleigh Secondary College, Circus Oz and The John Bolton Theatre School. Her work is informed by Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, and the work of Linda Wise, Kristin Linklater, and Cicely Berry.

Vanessa has qualifications in voice studies from VCAM and combines her physical theatre training in the Le Coq tradition with voice and dance to produce engaging workshops which extend participants knowledge and experience with voice. She is known for her award winning work with a’capella group Coco’s Lunch, and works with many community choirs. Breath work and enlivening the whole body anatomy are central to her work.

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