Q: What is coworking?

A: There are many definitions of coworking, but the basic idea involves independent workers sharing resources such as space, knowledge, internet and desks. In Nest’s version of coworking, members are invited to connect, communicate, network, share ideas, reflect on practice, and learn across disciplines.


Q: Do you have lockable office spaces?

A: Nope. All of Nest is shared space. We’re concerned that every member of Nest feels an equal partner in co-creating the community, so there are no permanent desks and no lockup offices. We do provide lockers on a day basis, included in the price of membership.


Q: How do I access Nest?

A: Once you join Nest you’ll be given your very own key – we trust all our members.


Q: What are the opening hours?

A: Nest is open 24/7, every day ¬†of the year for monthly members. For casual day use you’ll need to contact Nest to book the day.






Q: Can I talk to other Nest members while they work?

A: Yes, talking can be an important part of our work! We’re developing conscious systems so that people who prefer to work quietly or to concentrate on writing, etc for a time can easily let everyone know.

Q: Do I have to talk to people while I’m coworking?

A: No! Sometimes we all need a peaceful place and headspace to concentrate

Q: Is there a dress code at Nest?

A: Yes, the code is to be dressed! Wear what you are comfortable wearing in public, feel free to take you shoes or thongs off, and if there are any hitches we’ll go case by case.


Membership and Pricing:

Q: Who can join Nest?

A: Anyone who needs a space to work and can work at a desk – you might be drawing, typing, designing, talking, or just thinking! Out of 100 people who expressed interest in Nest before we opened, there were more than 50 different disciplines, so no matter how unusual your profession, if you can see yourself working in an office, you can work at Nest.