The future of work. You're invited.

Beautiful to the eyes and ears, Nest has conscious acoustics, elegant architecture, and custom fittings. Upcycled natural materials and bespoke furniture make Nest a special place to work.

Change Every Day...

Every work day is different at Nest. Movement, collaboration and energy are part of the DNA, and Nest is always a beautiful space to work and to be.

Private Suite For Rent

The best damn private office in the North. Nest’s upstairs private suite — the Empire Room — is available right now!

The best of both worlds – the privacy, permanency and storage of a private office, coupled with the collaboration and community of coworking. A view clear across to the Dandenongs.

Monthly terms, no lock-in lease, with all outgoings, power, internet, and all the benefits of membership at Nest.


Amphitheatre & Microcinema

Nest’s amphitheatre/microcinema is a workspace by day and a playspace by night. Keep an eye out for workshops, events and talks.

Book the amphitheatre for workshops, to show a film, or anything you like.

Nest is open for new members!

A beautiful, functional workspace shared with talented coworkers from diverse disciplines. Enrich your networks, increase your knowledge, be proud to bring your clients to Nest.

Open Now in Thornbury...

After a long architectural fitout Nest Coworking is open on High St, Thornbury! New members welcome, come down for a checkout day at no cost – you’ll be welcomed!

Connected to the Cloud...

Unlimited, fast, symmetrical internet keeps you connected to the cloud. Uploading your sound and graphics is fast, downloading your professional and personal content is welcome.

Nest Gallery is on its way. We’re interested in providing an unusual context for art and getting some artwork into the daily lives of Nest members. If you’re an artist looking to show, or interested in co-curating the space, contact Nest for more information.

Dynamic, Collaborative Community...

Nest offers you the chance to build new professional networks and be part of a vibrant, generous community sharing knowledge and opportunities.

Flexible Access

All monthly members access Nest 24/7, and book rooms online at no extra cost, including private meeting room, private office, and board room. An amphitheatre doubles as microcinema and games room, lockers are free for members.

Client Ready

Nest is designed to support your work with clients. A dedicated client waiting area with open fire and private meeting rooms will support your most important client meetings and negotiations. You’ll be proud to bring your clients to Nest.


It’s a great time to become a Nest member. The community is vibrant and welcoming, and you’re invited to help shape Nest in your own style. There’s sure to be a plan that suits you – check them out here.

Seriously Playful

We love great work, and the greatest work is playful at its core. We’re serious about work being fun, and we’ll play with ideas like change, membership, enjoyment and collaboration.

Profit and Prosperity

We value the commercial impulse as an ingredient in great endeavours, and openly work for prosperity and profit. We’ll constantly explore new models for prosperity and do good while doing well.

Social Change

Social change grows from social movements, just like coworking. As our practice evolves, as our prosperity opens doors, opportunities for positive and strategic change will arise, and we’ll take them.

Diverse and Interdisciplinary

All disciplines are valued at Nest, from economist to activist, from designer to builder. There’s no in-crowd, no out-crowd. We value diversity because when we surf across disciplines we gain insight and do better work.

Social Enterprise Support

Nest supports social enterprise through its Boost program, with pro bono membership, mentoring, and facilitated access to pro bono services from Nest members. Proud participants include Scarf and Free to Feed, the latter a current participant, and Scarf an ongoing Nest member.

Facilitation and Reflection

Nest will actively facilitate members to engage, participate, and be valued. Relationship, engagement and ideas are too important to be left to chance. We’ll foster reflection and awareness as coworkers and as a group to form the best working relationships of our lives.

How do you join?

To become a member at Nest, drop us an email, give us a call, or just come in and say hi. Payment is by bank transfer. If you’re keen, email us your name, industry and the reasons you want to get involved, and we can go from there.

Who Founded Nest?

Nest is founded by Jay Chubb, a Melbourne entrepreneur with a background in critical theory, community development, political advocacy, social change, and scuba diving. Nest is a product of Jay’s passion for good people, great ideas, and a better future.